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So you’ve driven your new car off the forecourt after you’ve been handed the keys, and you might be thinking that’s the end of it, right? Wrong. Auto dealers offer far more than just vehicle sales, which likely means you’ll be bringing your car in regularly until it’s time to find a new one. Here’s what other services new and used car dealerships offer.

Servicing and Repairing Your Vehicle

Once you own a car, it’s your responsibility to keep it serviced according to manufacturer guidelines. This includes used vehicles, especially if you’ve purchased a warranty from your auto dealer. Make sure you remember to bring your vehicle in for regular services, as this will enable you to keep your warranty valid and avoid costly repairs later down the line. Read more on this article:



Buying a used car from auto dealers is a practical choice that can save you a lot money. It may not necessarily be the latest model with the newest technological add-ons, but for as long you choose carefully, you can still make the most out of your purchase. Read more from this blog:

Great Customer Service from Car Dealerships

First things first: many car dealerships offer a positive customer experience, contrary to popular belief. In fact, a wave of disproving the public’s dubiety has swept across dealer lots recently. Dealerships are trying to be more honest and trustworthy—more on the buyer’s side—than ever before. It’s important to know how to recognize good service when you see it. (more…)

The Best Way to Spot A High-Quality Vehicle at Used Car Dealerships

Used Cars

Shopping for used cars can be tricky. You can’t be too sure if the vehicle you’re looking at is in good condition without conducting a thorough inspection. Given this, you have to do your research first and take the time to check every aspect of the vehicle. Otherwise, you may not know it but you’re just wasting money on a car that will give you a lot of automotive headaches in the future.

There are red flags you need to be aware of, but there are also signs that you’re looking at a quality used car.

It Has Good Reliability Record

The reliability record of a vehicle is an important information. You can obtain this from researching about the best and worst used cars available in the market. There are websites and consumer reports that list down brands and models that you can rely on, helping you narrow down your choices. Check a vehicle’s reliability-history record first before shopping at Beaverton used car dealerships to know which ones have a good record. Read more on this article.

Affordable Hyundai Models with Extended Warranty

Consumers who are looking for used cars in Beaverton, Oregon or nearby areas will find great deals at local Hyundai dealerships. Backed up by some of America’s best warranties, Hyundai models are very reliable and affordable to maintain. Additionally, this auto brand has claimed prestigious awards from reputable auto critics such as the Kelley Blue Book.  (more…)

The Perks of Buying from Used Car Dealerships

Buying used cars has become more common in a day and age when the worldwide economy has been so unstable. That aside, it’s a great way to save a lot of money. Although most people dread the idea of buying a used car because they think that they are essentially paying a lot of money for a vehicle that has many flaws, it is often the farthest from the truth. Choosing a used car can at times be better than buying a new one. (more…)