Month: April 2017

Important Factors to Assess When Getting Auto Loans for Bad Credit


When it comes time to purchase a vehicle, new or used, you should pay particular attention to your auto loan options. You want to get the best loan possible ideally with a low interest rate. To get the best deal, even with bad credit, here are some factors you need to assess:

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Loans

Loans are classified into two categories: short-term and long-term. Short-term loans are ideal if you want to spend less money overall. These loans also have a smaller interest rate and you can pay your vehicle off quicker, which is ideal if you’re planning on other financial investments for you and the family. However, with a short-term loan, the monthly payments are a lot unless you make a large down payment. Read more from this blog.


Your Dream Vacation Starts with a Great Car

Whether you are in the mood for an adventure-filled vacation or one filled with tranquility, the country’s highways are ripe with possibilities. If you don’t have a reliable vehicle or one comfortable enough for your family, your first stop should be at the nearest used car dealerships.

A Wide Selection of Vehicles

Here, you will find an inventory of used cars, pickups and vans. There is sure to be a perfect match for every driver. Even if you are a car buyer with a questionable credit history, a used car dealership can help you secure the financing that you may need.

Great for Families

Driving in your car puts you in charge of where you go and when you get there. If you have small children who need breaks from the road, you can take days to meander on the Columbia River Scenic Highway in Oregon or the Cascade Loop in Washington. Choose to camp along the way or stay in inns, motels or bread-and-breakfast spots. You can decide on your own itinerary and the timetable.

Picnic Every Day

Pull off at a rest stop or a roadside table and pull out the picnic basket. This is a pleasant break from driving and gives everyone a chance to simply enjoy the scenery. Have the kids help plan the menu and pack lunch every morning. After lunch, a nap on a blanket under a shade tree is a real treat.


Important Credit Tips Before Heading to Bad Credit Car Dealerships


Buying a new or used vehicle may have been a dream you’ve had for years, as it will give you a fresh start on the road. However, bad credit can put your auto plans on ice for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, even with bad credit, there are ways you can secure the right loan at the right rates.

Check Your Credit

Even if you think your credit score is bad, you need to keep an eye on it before heading into a car dealership. This lets you know where you stand as far as financing and interest rates go. There are plenty of places to check your score online for free. However, if you want the most accurate score, you’ll likely need to pay for the service. Read more from this blog.

What to Know About Car Dealers for Bad Credit

If you’ve had credit problems in the past, it might seem as though your ideal car is out of reach. However, keep in mind that the fact that having bad credit doesn’t necessarily close the door on a car loan. More often than not, you should be able to find reputable car dealers for bad credit near you. At the same time, understanding how your credit score impacts your lending options can make a major difference.

What May Affect Your Credit Score?

Many people don’t realize that late payments aren’t the only thing that affects your credit score. Immigrants who haven’t lived in the country long may need to build up their score, as well as
younger adults. However, it can be easy to build up your score a little over a
matter of a few months.

A Little Searching Helps

You’ll be relieved to hear that many lenders specialize in loans for bad credit. Sometimes, these lenders will have a special relationship with certain car dealers. Consider asking the dealers you’re shopping with if they have a lender that can work with you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

 There are a few questions to ask to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Find out how you would go about refinancing if necessary, as well as whether there’s a penalty for early
repayment. You want to make sure you have every possible advantage when you take out a loan.

Check Critical Areas when Buying a Used Car

Used cars can be a great deal if you know what to look for. Outside of the obvious, like tires, rust, and test driving, here are some musts to keep in mind.

Check for more than fluid levels

The oil dipstick will give you a good idea of what is going on in the engine. The fluid should be brown. If the oil appears milky, there could be coolant in the sump. The odor of gas points to worn piston rings. If you notice metallic flakes in the fluid, then this means that the parts are very worn and won’t last much longer. Repeat the same procedure with the transmission fluid.

You need to be able to see clearly

The windshield is often forgotten in a used car inspection. One thing to always keep in mind, however, is that one little chip can explode into a crack that can cost $200 to $400 to replace. Also look for any signs of the wiper blades scratching the glass. This creates visual impairment when driving at night. Test all wipers and washer functions.

Heat and air conditioning are big ticket repair items

Just because the heating and the air conditioner of the car works does not guarantee that something is not amiss. Leaky valves or blockages can give you problems when you need these sources the most. When you test drive your car, take to a shop that can test the pressure and make and recommendations.

These areas may seem minor in the bigger picture, but they can cost you a lot later on if not found. They also make for a great bargaining tool, especially when you’re getting the ride on an auto loan, such as bad credit used car loans.

Auto Dealers Offer Fantastic Car Loans to Those Who Have No Credit


Gone are the days when having bad credit or no credit track record will get you kicked out of car dealerships. While the process remains challenging, auto dealers are more lenient in granting loans to car buyers who have zero to bad credit

Zero or No Credit: What It Actually Means

Most first-time car buyers, whether it is for a new or used car, are confused as to how they can get an auto loan with no real credit history. Looking at the term, when you say ‘no credit history’, then it simply means that you never had to use a credit card or apply for a loan in your lifetime. It can also mean either you are too rich that you are able to pay everything in cold, hard cash, or you are just too young to have a personal credit card or apply for a loan. Read more from this blog.

Getting an Auto Loan for People with Bad Credit

A car is a major purchase, and many people simply don’t have the cash on hand to buy one outright. If you’ve had some credit issues, finding a car can be even more difficult. Taking extra steps on your part can help you get a loan without an exorbitant interest rate.

Check Your Credit Reports

Before you seek financing, check all three of your credit reports so that you can dispute incorrect information. Also, refrain from applying for new credit accounts in the weeks and months before you begin your car search. Applications for credit can affect your credit score negatively.

Allow Yourself Some Time

Depending on your situation, it may take longer to get financing on the type of vehicle that you want and need. Don’t wait until you’re in a desperate situation to start hunting for a new automobile. When it becomes obvious that your current car will soon need to be traded in, begin your search for a new car and a financing agreement that you can afford.

Ask About Dealer Financing

Many dealers specialize in arranging auto loans for bad credit customers. The dealership owner and management understand that even good people can fall on rough times and suffer a financial setback. Talk to your salesperson about your concerns and ask about financing options.

Review Your Agreement

Before you sign a contract or a promissory note, review all the terms of the agreement. Make sure that you understand your interest rate, the cost of any fees, and the consequences of late or missed payments.

Used Car Dealerships Give Basic Information on Hyundai’s CPO Programs


Sometimes, budget can get in the way of your plan to purchase a brand new car. Fortunately, car shoppers have the option to buy used cars, which are more affordable. Some people, however, are wary of perceived risks in buying used cars.

To address this problem, different car manufacturers have introduced certified pre-owned (CPO) programs to help reduce the consumers’ anxiety about buying used cars.

Certified Pre-Owned Car vs. Average Used Car: What’s the Difference?

A certified pre-owned car has undergone a comprehensive point-by-point inspection based on specifications given by either automakers or used car dealerships. These are meant inspections to ensure that all parts and systems meet the minimum requirements. Read more from this blog.