Month: October 2016

Questions Buyers Fail to Ask When Buying Used Cars

You don’t need anyone to tell you that any investment, like cars for example, has some risks. Whether you’re buying old or new, you will need to be thorough when you ask sellers questions about the car. In the case of used cars, you will need to be inquisitive than usual so you will know exactly what you’re buying. Here are some questions that you should definitely not forget to ask before sealing the deal.



Car Financing: How Does It Work?

Not all people can pay cash to buy a car. Depleting your savings account to make it happen isn’t a good idea. Your best bet is to take out an auto loan. Before you do so, however, you need to understand how auto financing works to make sure this option will work well for you.

Financing Isn’t Leasing

While financing and leasing share almost the same features, particularly involving spreading the entire cost of the car out over a certain period, they shouldn’t be confused or interchanged. When you’re financing a car, you are buying it except your payment is spread out over a desired number of months or years. When you’re leasing one, on the other hand, you are borrowing the car and paying such service in the same manner you are paying for financing but the regular payment is much smaller.


Buying a Car Despite Your Bad Credit

If you live in an area where having a car is a must, it’s almost always necessary to get a loan to purchase. Not everyone just has a pile of cash lying in wait. However, you may have already heard that in order to be approved for a loan, you must have good credit. This is not always true. Nowadays, there are loans made specifically for people with bad credit. Here are a few tips if you’re in the market for bad credit loans.


How to Buy a Car When You Have a Bad Credit

The only way to purchase the car of your dreams fast when you’re low on funds is to take out an auto loan. This option, however, may not come easy for those who have bad credit. If you are one of those car buyers, here are some tips you should take.

Be Sure about Your Credit Score

One of the biggest mistakes car buyers make is assuming their credit rating. You have to be sure of the numbers before applying for financing. Even if your credit score is really low, creditors usually look at other factors before deciding on the rate for each applicant. Your previous rating may show positive impression that leads to a better financing deal.